« In her cosmically ironic narrative, Marianne Vieulès - a « freelance astronaut » opens up about the different stages of training for her impossible conquest of space. The works she creates based off of this autobio-
graphical fiction principle are in line with the oxymoric pact operating under the contingent existence of both a narrative about the self and a fictionnal narative or, a lie, or utopia, and the truth or materiality. A transposition of her stellar adventure to firm ground, her program You are an astronaut is the training and prefiguration site. This is also the case in Breakfast Youri, where the appearence af Youri Gagarine’s face on a piece of toast recalls the apparition of a Christlike face on Veronica’s veil.
By multiplying the domains of the impossible, her vocation arrives at a mythification of objects and discourses « rearranged in an aesthetic configuration resulting in a refiguration of reality ». The rudimentary Tin-can or Space Green House is a traveling spaceship-greenhouse studying the chances for survival of a biosphere beyond its terrestrial atmosphere. A large green fabric represents l’Espace sidéral digital or le fond vert des galaxies, base d’entrainements pour sorties extra-véhiculaires. The abysmal landscape can be transposed from terrestrial ground to terrestrial ground and bears the sarcastic hopes of a trip, which will never take place.
Irony is hand in hand with absurdity here, which does not stop the artist form continuing to propek objects into space for want of floating off herself. »
Audrey Teichman